Bigger, Badder: CBS Radio Powering AOL Radio

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AOL is now tapping CBS Radio to power its online radio offering, according to details revealed Friday.

The relationship hands the AOL Radio reins to CBS, and consolidates programming and advertising accordingly.  The combined offering includes 200 CBS stations and 150 AOL stations, a handsome collection of streams.

Looking forward, the team will develop a customizable, streaming media player and layer a number of song and artist-related enhancements.  “CBS Radio continues to invest in high-growth areas including internet streaming,” said Dan Mason, president and chief executive of the terrestrial conglomerate.

The shift is a major one for internet radio, a promising format that is gradually fulfilling its potential.  Against that backdrop, CBS Radio has been steadily developing its own internet ambitions, and the combined operation will be streamed from CBS servers.  CBS Radio will
manage advertising, though longtime AOL Radio advertising partner Ronning Lipset will remain on board.