R.E.M. Offering Streaming Album Debut on iLike

R.E.M. will soon debut their next album exclusively on iLike, according to information confirmed this morning.

The release, Accelerate, will be streamed on the Facebook application starting March 24th, ahead of a formal in-store of April 1st.

The band, carried by Warner Music Group, currently boasts an iLike friend total of 299,000.  That is likely to increase following the exclusive stream, a major win for the application.  R.E.M., which first gained fame in a decidedly non-digital era, carries a fan base that is probably less familiar with the iLike application.

Just recently, iLike announced its 200,000th artist, and reported a user population of 23 million.  In November, iLike secured an exclusive involving U2, also a multi-decade, superstar group.  Accelerate is the first studio album from R.E.M. in four years.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.