Luxurious Fairmont Offers Pampered Music Downloads

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Anyone staying at a luxury hotel can afford a music download, though even the elite surf with the riff-raff on LimeWire.

But the Fairmont, known for its pampered inns, is now creating its own music download store.

The guests-only destination, appropriately titled the Fairmont Music Store, will be unveiled at the Plaza Hotel in New York this spring.  The store will initially carry music exclusively from EMI, which is the only major currently extending its catalog to the hotel without content restrictions.  “As the only major music company offering its entire digital catalog in a premium, DRM-free, higher audio quality form, EMI is unique among major music companies in their ability to offer Fairmont customers music that will work on all music players and devices,” the hotel group explained in a statement.

A number of details remain forthcoming, including those related to pricing and specific formats.  The store will initially launch in the United States and Canada before spreading overseas.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.