Boston Buyout: LiveWire Plucks Groove Mobile, $14.5 Million

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Boston-based LiveWire has now plucked crosstown competitor Groove Mobile for $14.5 million, according to paperwork surfacing Monday.

Groove Mobile is an expert in over-the-air (OTA), full-track song delivery, and carries a global portfolio of carrier clients.  LiveWire Mobile Inc., a division of NMS Communications Corp., will layer the Groove Mobile know-how into its ringtone, ringback tone, and mobile multimedia offerings.

That spells a diversified portfolio, and a move towards a one-stop shop.  Geographically, both companies are weighted heavily towards overseas accounts, though both have US-based beachheads.  LiveWire powers ringtone and ringback tones for Virgin Mobile USA, and Groove Mobile handles OTA song downloads for Sprint.

Groove Mobile employees will be retained, according to LiveWire, and offices will be merged.  NMS is based in Framingham, Massachusetts, while Groove is based in nearby Bedford.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.