Pumpkins Start Smashing Album-Based Release Model

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The Smashing Pumpkins rose to fame in an album-friendly era, one that produced multi-platinum success.

But now, post-major and post-album, the group is pushing a different release strategy.  “I don’t think we will make records again,” drummer Jimmy Chaimberlain recently told Spinner.  “We want to keep things vital and keep things viable… music has in many ways just become an advertisement for your tour.”

The group is now divorced from its previous label partner, Reprise Records (Warner Music Group), a company more rooted in the album experience.  Looking forward, Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan envisions releases of track bunches, instead of formalized albums.  “Anyone under the age of 24 just buys songs,” Corgan explained.  “It’s just in our best interest to release blocks of songs.”  A possible online sales strategy in the image of Radiohead or Trent Reznor could be under consideration, though the band offered few hints.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.