TuneCore Payouts Top One Million In January

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Brooklyn-based TuneCore paid participating artists more then $1 million in January, according to information shared by the company on Monday.

TuneCore allows artists to directly port content onto digital ecommerce environments like the iTunes Store, subject to various distribution fees.  Specifically, the company distributed artist revenues of $1,059,527.23 during the month, a psychologically important threshold.   In total, the company has now distributed more than $7 million.

The company has raised its profile by distributing content from big-name artists like Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Keith Richards and Jay-Z.  But the bulk of revenues are coming from smaller, unsigned acts, according to the company.

Among the most successful is Josh Kelly, who earned $135,000 though TuneCore.  That represents another unsigned success story, and a convincing case study for those considering big-label alternatives.  “As an artist I’ve experienced both sides of the record industry – being part of a major label and being independent,” Kelly stated.  “In my experience, releasing an album independently has trumped releasing my music on a major label.”