Imeem: These Numbers Are Starting to Look Good

Imeem is now becoming a serious contender in the streaming music space, at least according to data points surfacing Tuesday.

In a ranking of streaming music destinations compiled by Boston-based Compete, Imeem topped heavy-hitters Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, and Last.FM.  “As the music industry seeks to reassemble in the wake of digital distribution, it should recognize social streaming communities as the fastest growing opportunity in its evolution,” explained Compete analyst Alex Patriquin.

During the month of March, Imeem grabbed a unique visitor tally of 10.3 million, a bump of 58 percent from last year.  Yahoo Music ( was not far behind at 9.7 million, though AOL Music, MySpace Music and others trailed considerably.

Specifically, AOL Music ( pulled 4.6 million uniques, down 30 percent, while MySpace Music ( earned 4.5 million, down 3 percent.  That was followed by Project Playlist (, MSN Music (, Pandora, iLike, Last.FM, Live365, and others.  Compete aggregated its data based on ISP, toolbar, and survey information.