Showdown In Spain: Promusicae Sues P2P Pioneer

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Major labels in Spain are now suing file-sharing company MP2P Technologies, according to details shared by the defendant.

The lawsuit adds to an already-litigious climate, one that has pitted majors against technology companies and consumers for most of the decade.  The latest suit is being spearheaded by Spanish label group Promusicae, and targets MP2P founder Pablo Soto, a leading developer of file-swapping technologies.

Majors are pursuing damages of $20 million, though Soto vowed to fight back.  “We intend to vigorously defend ourselves against this shakedown attempt by the major label cabal,” Soto declared.  “Litigation is in itself not a valid business model for them, however, it has been a dogged and futile pursuit of theirs since the advent of P2P.”

Soto outlined a litigation path that started with consumers, but ultimately landed in his lap.  “Promusicae tried to proceed with civil suits against users of P2P networks in Spain and, after being halted by the Court of Justice of the EU, it has now decided to go against a neutral communication tool such as P2P technology,” Soto explained.  MP2P is an umbrella group for a number of file-sharing services, including Piolet (, Omemo, ( and Blubster (

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.