MySpace Music: When Will It Finally Appear?

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When will the heavily-hyped MySpace Music finally hit the airwaves?

The initiative, first splashed in April, now appears months away.  One source pointed to a continuing chief executive search, while another referenced a missing deal with fourth major EMI Music Group.

It remains unclear when those and other show-stoppers will be resolved, though a MySpace representative loosely pointed Digital Music News to a launch “by the end of the year” in discussions Monday.  That mostly likely means a release by the fall or beyond, depending on a variety of factors.

The broad-based concept will deliver a number of revenue-generators, including DRM-free downloads, mobile-based assets, ad-supported streaming audio and video, merchandise, and concert tickets.  Those elements will be tightly integrated into the artist profile, part of a more comprehensive promotional and sales approach.  Participating majors are taking a piece of the revenue action.