Exclusive Live Recordings From… LimeWire?

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LimeWire is now delivering a slate of exclusive live recordings, an unlikely source for fresh content.

On Wednesday, the company disclosed it Live at Lime Recording Series, part of a recently-launched paid store.

The file-sharing giant, which started recording sessions in June, is now offering EPs from The Morning Benders, Sloan, Tigers and Monkeys, and Lucy Wainwright Roche.  Each track is being sold for 99-cents, and subscription packages are also applied.  All tracks are MP3s encoded at 256kbps.

The purchased songs sound like fodder for subsequent free transfers on LimeWire, though the company is attempting to diversify its infringing image a bit.  The file-swapping application, owned by Lime Group, has been battling a recording industry lawsuit for years but remains a default P2P for most music fans.

Initial sessions were recorded at Headgear Studios in Brooklyn, and can be purchased at store.limewire.com.