Another Facebook Music Rumor: Maybe, Maybe Not

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Is Facebook preparing a serious jaunt into music?

The social networking giant already enjoys a successful symbiotic relationship with iLike, though according to the New York Post, a raft of other discussions are currently underway.  The tabloidy Post noted that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been “busy taking meetings with the major record companies about the strategy,” and entertaining discussions with potential partners Rhapsody, iMeem, Lala, and iLike itself.

The rest of the details were mostly vague, though the Post noted that Zuckerberg is uninterested in a MySpace-like, joint venture arrangement.  Additionally, Facebook is reportedly uninterested in “bogging itself down” in licensing discussions or build-from-scratch propositions.

And of course, the reported discussions could just be exploratory.  “Nothing is imminent, and Facebook may ultimately walk away from the plan altogether,” the report noted.