Ticketmaster Eliminates “Convenience Fees” on Eagles Dates

Irving Azoff-helmed Ticketmaster Entertainment is now ditching so-called “convenience fees” on select Eagles dates, according to announcements issued Wednesday.

The modification brings the actual ticket price closer to the advertised price, and attempts to cool consumer frustration.  “The Eagles use of ‘all-in ticketing’ is the first step in Ticketmaster’s transformation to an all-encompassing entertainment company to allow artists to connect to their fans in both new and innovative ways,” explained Azoff, the freshly-minted chief executive of the company.

The decision is designed to be consumer friendly, though moving forward, fees can easily be buried into higher prices.  The convenience-free dates are currently experimental, and slated for January shows across Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Alabama.  After that, the initiative is likely to expand.  “Ticketmaster is testing this program and is consulting with all our clients in the hope of rolling out the all-in ticketing program for events nationwide,” said Sean Moriarty, chief executive of Ticketmaster.