Amazon Jumps In; Launches Thousands of Artist Stores

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The music industry has undergone significant changes over the years. With the rise of digital music consumption, the way people purchase and access music has changed drastically. In recent times, the music industry has seen a shift in the way artists sell their content. The focus has shifted towards artist pages, which have become the sweet spot for selling content.

Recently, Musictoday, a company controlled by Live Nation, unveiled plans to sell MP3s from its artist pages. The move is part of a larger effort to consolidate artist-specific items already on sale at Amazon. The official artist pages reside elsewhere, which gives Musictoday an advantage. However, in terms of scale, Amazon carries a far more comprehensive collection of content.

In response to the move by Musictoday, Amazon has launched more than 100,000 artist sites, complete with physical albums, MP3s, merchandise, and content elements like photos and biographies. The new stores allow customers to easily find and discover the music they love in any format along with a variety of artist content, like exclusive music videos and behind-the-scenes footage, all in one place. Peter Faricy, Vice President of Music and Movies at, stated that the launch of the artist sites was designed to shift the action away from the iTunes Store, which is still the dominant provider of paid downloads.

The move by Musictoday and Amazon is a smart one. By consolidating artist-specific items on artist pages, both companies are making it easier for customers to find and purchase the content they want. The shift towards artist pages is also a strategic move. It allows artists to connect with fans directly and offer them exclusive content that they cannot find anywhere else.

The benefits of artist pages extend beyond the artists themselves. Customers can now access a wide range of content in one place. This makes it easier for them to find and discover new music, merchandise, and other content related to their favorite artists. Additionally, with exclusive content available only on artist pages, customers are more likely to visit these pages and stay engaged with their favorite artists.

Amazon’s move to launch artist pages for a range of high-profile acts, including Coldplay, James Taylor, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, and Andrea Bocelli, is a significant one. It shows that the company is serious about its efforts to become a major player in the music industry. With a comprehensive collection of content available on artist pages, Amazon is well-positioned to take on competitors like iTunes and Spotify.

The shift towards artist pages is not limited to music. Other industries are also moving towards similar models. For example, film studios are increasingly creating their own streaming services, where customers can access exclusive content related to their favorite movies and TV shows. Similarly, sports teams are creating their own apps, where fans can access exclusive content related to their favorite teams.

In conclusion, the move by Musictoday and Amazon to consolidate artist-specific items on artist pages is a smart one. It allows customers to easily find and purchase the content they want, while also allowing artists to connect with fans directly and offer them exclusive content. With the shift towards artist pages, the music industry is undergoing significant changes, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the coming years.