Live Nation Ticketing Foray Heads to Blockbuster

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If you’re looking for tickets to a Live Nation event, you may soon be able to pick them up at roughly 500 Blockbuster locations across the country. This is part of an exclusive retail deal that was recently announced, tied to the Live Nation Ticketing initiative. Of course, tickets can also be purchased online and at the venues themselves, but the Blockbuster tie-up offers a considerable spread beyond those locations. It also allows Blockbuster to diversify beyond its core DVD and game rentals.

The 500 locations were chosen based on their geographic location, and correspondence to Live Nation venues. According to Nathan Hubbard, the chief executive of Live Nation Ticketing, “Our research definitively shows that the vast majority of music fans who prefer to buy their concert tickets at a retail location find Blockbuster to be the most convenient choice.”

During the first four hours of availability, Blockbuster will also be given exclusive blocks of tickets. Throughout, Blockbuster will be responsible for handling logistics related to the sale and delivery of the tickets, according to details shared by Live Nation.

This partnership between Live Nation Ticketing and Blockbuster is a logical step for both companies. Live Nation Ticketing has been looking for ways to make concert tickets more accessible to fans, and Blockbuster has been looking for ways to diversify its business beyond DVD and game rentals. The deal will help both companies reach new audiences and generate more revenue.

For fans, the ability to purchase concert tickets at a physical location like Blockbuster is a convenient and welcome option. While many people are comfortable buying tickets online, others prefer the peace of mind that comes with purchasing tickets in person. With Blockbuster’s wide network of locations, fans across the country will have access to a convenient and trusted ticketing option.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Blockbuster has entered the ticketing space. The company previously sold movie tickets at some of its locations, but that initiative was short-lived. It remains to be seen whether the Live Nation partnership will be more successful, but the fact that Blockbuster is diversifying its business is a positive sign for the struggling company.

For Live Nation, the Blockbuster partnership is just one piece of a larger strategy to make ticketing more accessible and convenient for fans. The company has also been investing in mobile ticketing and other technologies to improve the ticketing experience. By partnering with Blockbuster, Live Nation is able to offer fans another option for purchasing tickets and expand its reach beyond the traditional online and venue channels.

In conclusion, the new partnership between Live Nation Ticketing and Blockbuster is an exciting development for fans of live music and entertainment. With more options for purchasing tickets, fans will have greater access to the events they love. For Blockbuster, the partnership is a much-needed boost to its struggling business, and for Live Nation, it’s another step towards making ticketing more accessible and convenient for fans.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.