Grooveshark Starts Packing Some Serious Partnerships

Miami is now playing host to another Winter Music Conference, a throng of electronica, beats, dealmaking, and hedonism.

But 350 miles north, in the less-assuming Gainesville, Grooveshark is now unveiling a number of artist-focused partnerships.  Grooveshark is a site that allows users to share and discover music through an on-demand streaming application, one that features paid downloads, recommendations, shared collections, and networking.

The now-launching Grooveshark Artists is designed to help artists better find and connect with fans.  That includes analytics, as well as pointers to a number of career-building partners.  Incoming partners include ticket sales provider Showclix, fund-raising ally SellaBand,
interactive storefront generator Bandcamp,, Creative Commons and the Next Big Sound.  The company pointed to more partnerships ahead, following the initial Tuesday launch.