Let the Fans Decide: KISS Practices Touring Democracy

Why not let the fans decide where a band should tour?

That is exactly what KISS is now doing, a novel concept that could reshape live gigging.  The band has now announced a partnership with Eventful, specifically for upcoming North American dates.  “No matter where the fans say – from stadiums to cornfields – if there are enough votes, KISS will be there,” the group declared.

The voting starts now, and some issues will undoubtedly play out during the process.  Already, the band noted that smaller cities will be weighted by a ratio of population versus votes, to avoid over-tilting towards bigger municipalities.  That could create some interesting venues, depending on where KISS loyalties run the deepest.  The tour starts in September.

The group announced the concept at kissonline.com, and the voting is happening at www.eventful.com/KISS.  Participants can track realtime results, and KISS grabs important demographic data in the process.  Additionally, fans are encouraged to submit viral videos to rally local votes, and some of those videos will be played during the shows at winning locations.

Story by analyst Alexandra Osorio