Let the Fans Decide: KISS Practices Touring Democracy

The music industry is always looking for innovative ways to engage with fans and create a unique experience that will keep them coming back for more. And KISS, the legendary rock band, has just taken things up a notch with their latest announcement.

KISS has partnered with Eventful, a leading digital media company, to let their fans decide where the band should tour next in North America. This novel concept is expected to revolutionize the live gigging scene, giving fans the power to choose the location of the band’s concerts.

The voting for KISS’s tour locations has already started, and the band has promised to go wherever the fans want them to go, “from stadiums to cornfields.” The voting process is happening on Eventful’s platform, and participants can track real-time voting results. This gives fans a sense of ownership and control over the band’s tour and allows them to have a say in where their favorite band performs.

However, the voting process is not without its challenges. For instance, smaller cities might not have enough votes to compete with bigger municipalities. To address this issue, KISS has said that smaller cities will be weighted by a ratio of population versus votes. This is to ensure that smaller towns and cities have an equal chance of winning the vote, and the band does not end up performing only in big cities.

This innovative approach to touring has several benefits for both the band and their fans. For starters, KISS gets to collect important demographic data on their fans, which they can use to create personalized experiences and tailor their music to their audience. This data can also help the band understand where their fan base is strongest and plan future tours accordingly.

For fans, this concept kissonline.com,is a dream come true. They get to choose where their favorite band performs, and the voting www.eventful.com/KISS process adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the whole experience. Fans are encouraged to create viral videos to rally local votes, and some of these videos will be played during the shows at winning locations. This creates a sense of community and shared experience among fans who are rooting for their city to win.

KISS has always been known for their larger-than-life performances, and this new concept takes that to a whole new level. Fans can expect to see the band perform in some unconventional venues, depending on where their loyalties lie. This could lead to some interesting and unexpected locations for concerts that fans will be talking about for years to come.

Overall, KISS’s partnership with Eventful to let fans decide their tour locations is a game-changer for the music industry. It shows that the band is willing to listen to their fans and give them a voice in the tour planning process. It also creates a unique and personalized experience for fans, which is something that every musician strives for. With this innovative approach, KISS is sure to attract new fans and keep their loyal followers engaged for years to come.

Story by analyst Alexandra Osorio