Superfan Marketing Continues; Prince Positions $2,100 Photo Album

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Radiohead shook the paradigm by telling fans to name their own price.

Others soon expanded upon that theme, and quickly recognized that superfans are willing to pay serious premiums.

That includes Prince, who recently positioned a limited-edition, “21 Nights Opus” package for $2,100.  The collection of photos covers Prince’s 21-night engagement at the O2 Arena in 2007.  Buyers receive a luxuriously-bound book of snapshots, as captured by Randee St. Nicholas.  The product is wrapped in purple velvet and leather, and quite the coffee table talking piece.  Also included is a Prince-branded, purple iPod, one pre-loaded with footage and songs.

The price tag is daunting, though Prince is playing the scarcity game with aplomb.  In total, just 950 Opus packages will be sold, and both the photography book and iPod are numbered.  Ironically, the 21-night stint at the O2 Arena featured a fan-friendly, £31.21 entrance fee.  All buyers also received a free CD.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.