Finally: The Twitter Chart for Musicians

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Twitter is now entering prime-time.

Everywhere you turn, somebody is tweeting, following, or just getting familiar.  The celebrities are leading the explosion, and Ashton Kutcher grabbed one million followers before CNN.  But how are membership numbers looking in the pop music realm?

According to information assembled by data partner BigChampagne, these are the top acts with the most followers (as of April 20th):

1. Britney Spears (995,807)
2. John Mayer (760,522)
3. Diddy (612,586)
4. Coldplay (542,764)
5. Sara Bareilles (424,737)
6. A Fine Frenzy (394,429)
7. Soulja Boy (350,114)
8. Jimmy Eat World (281,989)
9. Heidi Montag (247,120)
10. Ashlee Simpson (222,548)

There aren’t too many surprises – what’s popular on the radio is popular online (Britney, Coldplay).  It’s also not shocking to see John Mayer, Soulja Boy, or Diddy on the list either – those acts are well known for being new media adopters, and they have a large online presence.

In fact, just missing the top 10 was Lily Allen, who owes her career to MySpace. The remaining artists can rely on a hardcore fanbase, even when they’re not actively promoting anything, like Ashlee Simpson.

But Heidi Montag? Sure, the star from “The Hills” has released a song or two, but her appearance on the chart probably has more to do with a Twitter war she and boyfriend Spencer Pratt are waging against Ashton Kutcher.

Story by analyst Shalewa Sharpe.