Not Again: U2 Fan Club Exclusive Starts Leaking

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Is anything safe from piracy?

The leak is not only becoming more commonplace, it is now widely accepted among fans, bands, and labels.  But content reserved for exclusive crowds – fan clubs, iTunes Pass subscribers, even album buyers – is also getting spilled.  The latest comes from U2, whose fan club exclusive, U2: Medium, Rare, and Remastered, is now available on the Pirate Bay.

That and other leaks from Bloc Party, Jarvis Cocker, and NOFX are also surfacing, according to information researched by data partner BigChampagne.

U2, U2: Medium, Rare, and Remastered
Web leak 4/21, Double-CD for U2 paid fan club subscribers only.  More information on this release at

Bloc Party, Intimacy Remixed
Web leak 4/21, Official street date 5/11

Jarvis Cocker, Further Complications
Web leak 4/21, Official street date 05/19

NOFX, Coaster
Web leak 04/17, Official street date 4/28

Jason Lytle, Yours Truly, The Commuter
Web release 04/21, Official street date 05/19

Maximo Park, Quicken The Heart
Web release 04/18, Official street date 5/11

Update by analyst John Robinson.