In Other News: Nokia, Live Nation, IODA, Wall Street

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*Nokia’s Comes With Music has now launched in Mexico through carrier Telcel.

The concept – so far panned as underachieving – is expected in the United States within a matter of months, according to the company.

*Live Nation has now unveiled its summer concert schedule, featuring a total of 6,700 dates across 35 counties.  The company noted that summer sales are so far “in line” with those of 2008.

*CD and DVD manufacturer Cinram posted serious financial losses for the most recent quarter.  Revenues slipped 33 percent to $303 million, and losses pushed past $22.3 million.  The company is actively shutting plants and laying off workers.

*Twitter generated a nice first-day sales bump for Jimmy Eat World on their latest album, according to information shared by Topspin.  Twitter drove more than 20 percent of sales, the third-highest revenue generator for the band.

*IODA has now finalized a digital distribution deal with Orfeon, a large independent label in Mexico owned by Grupo Radio Formula.  The Orfeon catalog spans Mariachi, Texano Norteno, Regional Mexican, Banda, Bolero, Cumbia, Mambo, Salsa, Son, Samba, Tango, Vallenato, and Merengue genres.

*Wall Street gained again on Monday.  The Dow (DJIA) improved 2.61 percent to 8,426.74, and most music stocks edged upward.  Among the greatest gainers, Live Nation (LYV) boomed 15.45 percent to $5.08, Ticketmaster (TKTM) gained 17.86 percent to $3.93, and SanDisk (SNDK) lifted 8.31 percent to $16.42.  Warner Music Group (WMG) gained 7.09 percent to $5.29.

*The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is now looking into possible anti-competitive ties between Apple and Google.  The companies share board members Eric Schmidt and Arthur Levinson, a violation of anti-trust statutes.

*What does the Spotify catalog look like anyway?  According to a sneaky search by music blog Music Machinery, Spotify has 3,586,179 tracks, 319,106 total albums, and 264,46 total artists.