TuneCore Building Dedicated Section on Amazon

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Amazon has now tapped TuneCore on a dedicated download section, according to details shared with Digital Music News Thursday afternoon.

The TuneCore-branded environment will live within the broader AmazonMP3 site.  Additionally, artists can offer custom-crafted CDs through Amazon partner CreateSpace.  The action starts June 1st.

TuneCore already direct-ports downloads into a number of stores, including Amazon, iTunes, among many others.  The store-within-a-store builds upon an existing partnership between TuneCore and Amazon, as does the CD-pressing component.  The expansion helps TuneCore to expand its value proposition, though it also allows Amazon to breathe some life into its CreateSpace acquisition.

The deal comes at a sobering juncture for the do-it-yourself (DIY) space.  After the euphoria of direct distribution and total control subsided, artists suddenly realized that sales and visibility are still difficult to achieve.  And the competition is only getting more intense.  TuneCore, a leader amongst the DIY set, started just 33 months ago, and currently distributes between 150-250 releases per day.