MOD Systems Finalizes DRM-Free, Major Label Licensing

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Top kiosk contender MOD Systems has now finalized DRM-free licenses with all four major labels, according to details disclosed by the company.

Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Music have all signed on the dotted line, alongside a number of independents.  The updated licenses traverse 5.2 million songs, a shift that opens total compatibility across any storage device or solution.

That includes the iPod, as well SD memory cards, USB storage devices, and most mobile phones.  The MP3s complement a significant movie catalog, though the pressing question is whether kiosks ultimately make sense for consumers.  “While digital music has been making its way to the consumer via two popular channels – web and mobile – the market has not yet taken advantage of digital delivery in retail,” predicted Anthony Bay, chairman and chief executive of MOD.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.