The Orchard: Intelligence Is Suddenly Flowing

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The Orchard is now applying a deeper science to its craft, thanks to a pair of intelligent partnerships.

On Monday, the Orchard – alongside Interscope, Independent Label Group, and RCA – tapped the Echo Nest on a fan-specific, semantic-based intelligence solution.  The Orchard is now following that partnership with a tie-up with Music Intelligence Solutions, a group that is aiming to scientifically pluck hits and market music.

Sound brainy?  Indeed, this is stuff for music technology geeks, those enamored with the ability of algorithms and programming to change music consumption.  An example of that is uPlaya (, a Music Intelligence Solutions creation that uses ‘Hit Song Science’ to determine the commercial potential for a track.

The songs that test positively will then have the option of digital distribution through the Orchard, according to details of the partnership.  But the Orchard can also test its own content just as easily, part of a two-way deal that spans discovery and marketing.  “The Orchard’s leadership in the entertainment business will allow uPlaya’s promotional tools to be used to their fullest potential, enabling new opportunities for artists with great music to be recognized and paid for their work,” said David Meredith, president and chief executive of Music Intelligence Solutions.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.