Post-Tenenbaum, A Pair of Settled Cases Surface

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A pair of file-swapping cases triggered by the RIAA have suddenly been settled, with prejudice.

Industry attorney Ray Beckerman tipped the settlements of both Atlantic v. Raleigh and Sony v. Simms on Monday evening, though the terms of the resolutions were not disclosed.  The case against Jenna Raleigh first started 2006, while the action against Lindsey Simms started late last year.  Both involved pro se, or self-represented, litigants, and both are being quietly tucked away.

The obvious question is whether the recent, $675,000 award in Sony v. Tenenbaum encouraged the settlements, though the resolutions appear to predate that heavy fine.  The Simms settlement was signed by the court on July 20th, and the Raleigh resolution appears to be dated July 15th.  The Tenenbaum fine is just days old, though the RIAA plundered hapless defendant Jammie Thomas-Rasset to the tune of $1.6 million in June.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.