Why Apple’s Cocktail Party Just Got More Complicated

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The industry is now looking forward to a revamped, expanded album format, presented within an as-yet-unreleased Apple tablet.

But project ‘Cocktail’ sounds like a tricky bet, especially given its attachment to a new device and the likelihood of an exotic format introduction.

And perhaps true to form, the four majors are also pouring resources into a competing album format called CMX, one allegedly rebuffed by Apple.  According to the London-based Times Online, CMX will offer a similar portfolio of album assets, including artwork, lyrics, and the music itself.  “Apple at first told us that they were not interested, but now they have decided to do their own, in case ours catches on,” one executive claimed.

The two formats are expected within a few months, at which point various differences will become more apparent.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.