The Price of Piracy? War Of Words Continues In UK

So much hot air, so little action, though public debates can be quite healthy for shaping policy.

And, instead of backroom deliberations, a group of vocal artists, executives, and ISPs are jumping wholeheartedly into the three-strikes debate in Britian.  That includes major label consortium BPI, which is now contesting a million-pound-a-day enforcement cost assessment by access provider BT.

Moreover, the group is clamoring for the group to take action against a long list of alleged infringers – a total of 100,000 forwarded to BT by the BPI.  “It’s shameful for a company like BT to know that a high percentage of the traffic it carries is illegal material but do nothing,” BPI chief Geoff Taylor complained to the Daily Mirror.  BT quickly questioned the number, and countered the guilty-until-proven-innocent approach.

But wait, there could be a middle ground emerging.  In the wake of a storm stirred by Lily Allen, the Featured Artists Coalition is now advocating bandwidth throttling, instead of outright disconnection.  And the very public debate continues…