Justin Bieber Takes Twitter Drama to a Whole New Level

Everyone has unfortunately been entangled in Facebook or MySpace drama at one point or another.

But budding pop singer Justin Bieber is taking Twitter drama to a whole new level.

Just recently, Bieber fans in Long Island thronged the Roosevelt Field Mall to catch a glimpse of their heartthrob.  Attendance reports vary, but fans showed up in the healthy thousands, and quickly created an occupancy concern for the mall and Nassau County Police.  According to Bieber, security would not allow the star to enter the facility based on the crowding concerns.

Sounds like the result of some great marketing, and a fantastic problem for label Island Def Jam.  That is, except for IDJ senior vice president James Roppo, who allegedly refused police requests to subdue the crowd through Bieber’s Twitter account (540,995 followers as of Monday evening).

The rest of the details are downright bizarre.  Roppo is now defending himself against several misdemeanors, as well as a felony accusation of second-degree assault, according to one local report.  But Roppo appears totally non-violent; instead, the officer blamed the non-tweeting Roppo for injuries incurred while attempting to subdue the crowd.  “We asked for his help in getting the crowd to go away by sending out a Twitter message,” Nassau County Police Deputy Lieutenant Kevin Smith told the Associated Press.  “By not cooperating with us, we feel he put lives in danger and the public at risk.”

Actually, the Twitter trail shows an attempt to disperse the fans, but most likely too late – and after Roppo was arrested.  And, leading up to the event, Bieber stoked fan excitement by tweeting about his pending arrival…

11:59 AM Nov 20th On my way to Roosevelt Field Mall in
Long Island, NY to sign and meet fans!! im pumped.
see u there

… but the Twitter stream eventually asked fans to leave.

the event at roosevelt mall is cancelled.
please go home. the police have already arrested one person
from my camp. I dont want anyone hurt