That Money, Over There: ReverbNation Driving SoundExchange Awareness

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The pairing seems so logical.

DIY artist platform ReverbNation is now joining forces with SoundExchange to register more artists, according to details shared by the companies on Monday.  The awareness boost is ultimately designed to redirect more performance royalties from recordings used on US-based satellite, online and cable radio stations.  “Our goal, with ReverbNation’s help, is to inform every artist and rights holder for whom we have money and get it to them ASAP,” stated Bryan Calhoun, vice president of New Media and External Affairs at SoundExchange.

The ReverbNation platform reaches more than 500,000 artists, labels, managers and venues, according to the company.  Accordingly, ReverbNation is sending emails to its members that are owed money, a simple send-off that will funnel more pennies, dollars, or Benjamins into the right pockets.

Simple as that, and on a broader note, any artist seeking recording-specific performance royalties in the US is encouraged to visit, or to send an email to

Report by Alexandra Osorio.