Rdio Makes Its Debut, Privately, On the Apple App Store

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Rdio has chosen the iPhone as its launchpad, a good a place as any.

This week, the heavily-anticipated music startup suddenly surfaced on the App Store, reachable only to private beta testers.  That club appears quite small and restricted at the moment, and probably includes a handful of developers, executives, and backers.

If that sounds like a giant tease, it is, though Rdio – started by the founders of Kazaa and Skype – promises to deliver a streaming, cloud-based solution.  The top-level description sounds a lot like Spotify, Lala, and other cloud concepts, though given the entrepreneurial pedigree, some innovative twists are probably in store.  “Rdio is like carrying a giant MP3 player in your pocket – you have unlimited and unrestricted access to all the music, and you get to select exactly the song, album or artist you want to hear,” the app description reads.

That appears to include content personal uploaded into the cloud, and Rdio-provided libraries.  “And you can skip, pause, fast forward as much as you want,” Rdio continues.  “Build your collection and compose your playlists on Rdio.com and listen to them all on the go.  Or search for just the right song when you’re out and it will start playing instantly.”

Report by Alexandra Osorio.