Steve Jobs on Google: “Don’t Be Evil” Is “BS”

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Google outgrew its humble britches long ago, though like Apple, it retains a super-coolness that few companies share.

But Apple and Google are becoming heated rivals, and in a company meeting last week, Steve Jobs reportedly took quite a stab.

According to notes reported by Wired, Jobs pulled no punches.  “We did not enter the search business, they entered the phone business,” Jobs reportedly declared during a ‘Town Hall’ employee meeting.  “Make no mistake, they want to kill the iPhone.  We won’t let them.”

Then, “I want to go back to that other question first and say one more thing.  This ‘don’t be evil’ mantra? It’s bu–s–t.”

True?  The report was loosely corroborated by another source, though these types of comments are difficult to prove.  Certainly, the validity can easily be questioned, though the rivalry between the companies is unquestionably fierce.  Just recently, the duel featured Lala, a Google Music mainstay grabbed by Apple to help address cloud-related challenges.  Other chapters – including those tied to music – are undoubtedly ahead.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.