Daltrey Less-Than-Thrilled About Superbowl Performance

Super Bowl Halftime Show
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The Who frontman Roger Daltrey was less-than-thrilled following his Super Bowl halftime performance, according to comments surfacing today.

“I thought it went OK,” Daltrey told ESPN.  “I understand.  It’s a TV show. Cameras were everywhere.  I was so blinded that I couldn’t see.”

Indeed, this was hardly a typical gig, and the Who was forced to squeeze a medley of tracks into roughly twelve minutes.  The big, glaring lights went on, and then, they went off.  “It didn’t even feel like a concert,” Daltrey said. “And what can you do in 12 minutes?”

The post-performance assessment follows rather lukewarm reviews by critics, though the staging, lighting and general production was incredible.

Report by Alexandra Osorio