MySpace Music Testing 30-Second Audio Spots

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MySpace Music is trying another monetization trick, this time involving 30-second audio spots.

The limited experiment has been happening since December, though the Associated Press recently highlighted a partnership involving TargetSpot.  Basically, the spots are slotted ahead of an on-demand stream, and users must listen to the advertisement before the real song begins.  Users are then free to listen to a longer playlist.

MySpace Music has a number of other advertising components, including visual ads that interrupt the playback experience to force interaction.  The ads require action by blocking access to the player and eventually stopping a playlist, a structure that demands engagement.  That helps the advertiser, though most are low-CPM buyers.

The pre-song audio ads bring MySpace Music inline with Spotify and a number of other services.  Indeed, the 30-second (or similar) audio spot has been around for more than a decade, though revenues from the format have traditionally been weak.