Pandora Getting Layered Into Latest TiVO Boxes

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Pandora’s strategic platform sprawl is now encompassing TiVOs, according to details confirmed by the companies.

A pair of upcoming TiVO models – the Premiere and Premiere XL – will offer Pandora access, just part of a TiVO expansion that now includes web-based video, movies, and enhanced DVR options.

Suddenly, the TiVO remote is like a loaded weapon, designed to deliver an all-encompassing media position.  Beyond Pandora, couch-surfers can tap on-demand content from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster, among others.  Down the road, the proposition gets thicker with a QWERTY-loaded remote, potentially a game-changer for potatoes.

The DVR jaunt is a first for Pandora, but part of a bigger push into television.  “This is the first time Pandora will be available on the TiVO platform but we’re available on many non-DVR devices that use the TV as the Pandora interface,” Pandora founder Tim Westergren told Digital Music News.  That spread already includes set-top boxes from Roku, Samsung, Panasonic, and Vizio, according to Westergren.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.