Vibe Magazine Taps OurStage Discovery Platform

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After reaffirming a deal with MTV Networks, OurStage is now tying with the resurrected Vibe Magazine.

The deal, announced Wednesday morning, finds Vibe tapping the OurStage platform to find and promote undiscovered talent.

The duo will also approach advertisers interested in being part of the excitement, and construct urban-focused, new artist campaigns accordingly.  “OurStage has proven itself to be the premier outlet for new artist discovery on the internet, and together we look forward to starting a new chapter to benefit all 21st century music lovers,” said Vibe editor-in-chief Jermaine Hall.

Sounds cool, especially considering that Vibe nearly died last year.  But Vibe is a well-known name within hip-hop and r&b crowds, and that will probably attract lots of aspiring artists.  Every month, the partners will pluck the most promising act from a joint site, and broker introductions to high-profile producers, executives, and other performers.  The pair also pointed to opening slots for marquee tours, though the prize pot will shift month-to-month.

And the first opportunity for April?  Sha Money (former president of G Unit Records and currently executive producer for Dream Big Ventures) will be offering a ‘free critique’ of the first winner.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.