Bronfman: Apple Conversations “Not Happening Today”

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So, what do labels like Warner Music Group think about the prospects of a cloud-enabled iTunes?

Early information suggests that label groups want more compensation for a system that would offer multiple access points.  Warner could be a party to that demand, though WMG chief Edgar Bronfman, unexpectedly candid on Spotify last quarter, offered little on this one.

So, what is Apple planning, anyway?  “It’s yet to be seen what the acquisition of Lala will mean to the iTunes service, I don’t think Apple has made that clear to the market,” Bronfman stated.  “So I wouldn’t suggest it will not have an impact, but I certainly won’t speculate what kind of impact it will have.”

Perhaps Bronfman is less interested in sparking a media hubbub this time around.  Or, perhaps discussions are really nonexistent.  “We made great progress with Apple last year with the introduction of variable pricing, and obviously it’s our hope that we can continue to make progress and continue to advantage content in a digital world,” Bronfman relayed.  “But I can’t say there’s a specific initiative today with Apple to –  I think we need to digest and the consumer needs to digest this first move to variable pricing, and once that’s happened and is happening, then I think the next set of conversations are due.  But that’s not happening today.”