mSpot CEO: “We Cannot Predict What the Labels Will Do…”

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Apple is currently girding through label licensing discussions related to its cloud play.

Google, by merit of a totally different access structure, is unlikely to face any legal problems and can probably skip the drama.

But those are the elephants.  What about the smaller circus animals, like mSpot?  Just last week, mSpot unwrapped its cloud-focused music platform, also at Google I/O in San Francisco.  And, like Apple, the mSpot platform is truly a cloud release, meaning that content is copied and delivered from a separate server.  Google’s concept ‘merely’ allows mobile access to a desktop, without involving a separate server or content duplication.

From a licensing perspective, the basic problem with a true-to-form cloud concept is that multiple copies are being created and distributed.  That introduces potential issues on both the recording and publishing sides.  So why is mSpot not worried?  “We cannot predict what the labels will do but we believe that we have put the appropriate safeguards in to discourage piracy and limit the sharing of music,” mSpot CEO and cofounder Daren Tsui told Digital Music News.  “We’ve been in close touch with the labels and have gotten their feedback on the service – and it seems like we should be in the clear.”