What a Certain Lawyer Might Be Doing for Google Music

Google Play Music
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Want to make a gargantuan splash in the music world?

Then you probably need a good lawyer, and that is exactly what Google just got.  According to details surfacing from numerous sources, Google has just tapped Elizabeth Moody, a barrister with considerable music licensing chops.

Moody currently hails from Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes, a firm with ample music experience.  The firm’s client list – past and present – includes Spotify, MySpace Music, iMeem, MOG, iLike, and Bebo.  An early August start date at Google is anticipated.

More details on the Google arrangement are likely ahead, including the exact nature of the relationship.  This might be an in-house gig, or a more temporary arrangement.

The move comes ahead of a serious Google music initiative, one that appears to steer clear of the classic cloud-enabled licensing problems.  If the acquisition of Simplify Media offers any clues, Google would be skipping the creation of multiple “in-the-sky” song copies by offering remote desktop access to a centralized collection.  Still, labels are probably less-than-thrilled by the prospect.