Breaking: Spotify’s US Label Discussions “Back to Square One…”

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What was that about a launch in the fall?

Spotify’s US-focused label negotiations appear to be going nowhere fast, according to information surfacing late Thursday.

Citing multiple unnamed sources, Antony Bruno at Billboard noted that Spotify is “reverting to square one” in its major label talks, and approaching the matter “with a clean slate” to create something workable for the US.

It seems fairly certain at this stage that a European translation of the service into the US is off the table.  Warner Music Group is a major roadblock, though others seem to lack the appetite for another freemium free-for-all.

According to the report, Spotify chief Daniel Ek appears willing to launch a modified version – with limitations – while attempting to evolve the service as negotiations continue.  Sounds like a recipe for something consumers will hate, but a necessary deal with the devil for Ek.

Story by Alexandra Osorio.