The Cost of iPod Oblivion? 17 Accidents a Day In the UK

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Have you been involved in an iPod accident yet?  Increasingly, gadget-related near-misses and outright accidents are becoming more commonplace.

According to the latest study out of Britain, a total of 17 accidents now happen in the UK daily because of careless iPod usage alone.  The report, from AA Insurance, also counts automobile accidents caused by drivers twiddling with their scroll wheels.

Perhaps the worst combination comes from drivers actually listening through earbuds.  That practice effectively drowns out all external noise, including from fellow passengers.  According to AA, all of these are examples of “iPod oblivion,” and part of a broader issue created by super-distracting handhelds.

And overall, the issue is getting worse – especially as devices like smartphones become more sophisticated and dangerously distracting.   Indeed, if you want serious distraction and a hazardous situation, there’s definitely an app for that.

Report by Alexandra Osorio.