More Evidence That Social Gaming Could Be Making Billions for Music

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So, where’s the real action?

Obviously not in physical formats like CDs, and probably not in already-crusty formats like paid downloads.  But more and more, voices are urging greater experimentation in places booming with activity, including location-based services and social gaming.

Just another great white hope?  The music industry is acutely susceptible to believing in saviors – only to get disappointed nearly every time.  But the latest stats on virtual worlds offer another huge incentive to experiment, perhaps with more tempered expectations.  The survey stats, from Lightspeed Research…

58% of social networkers play at least one embedded game (ie, FarmVille or Mafia Wars).

68% of those started playing within the last year.

29% are playing every day.

14% have spent money in a social game, in some fashion.

17% considered themselves “addicted” to an embedded game.

10% play more than two hours daily.

10% play more than 5 different social games.

And, perhaps most surprisingly: 55-64 year-olds are more active than 18-24 year-olds.