Mazda+Mayer: Are We Now Staring at the Future?

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Bands used to pine for major label contracts.

Will they soon be oggling over advertising contracts with major corporations instead?  Of course, advertising relationships are nothing new, though it seems that more and more artists are getting paid – and paid well – through big-name branding deals.

Now, the infrastructure is growing to further support the trend.  On the heels of Billboard’s Music & Advertising Conference in Chicago, Topspin is now sharing a fresh platform addition for branded sponsorship management.  That includes the ‘Sponsored Spin’ concept, which is kicking off with ‘Mazda2’ and Mayer Hawthorne and features an email-for-media campaign (or, ‘e4m’ to the DTF set).  “The e4m is a perfect marketing tool for brands and bands alike as it helps build an email list of interested consumers who have opted in to hear from both the brand and the band,” Topspin’s Jan D’Alessandro explained.

But the possibilities go far beyond email collection.  Brands can tap the Topspin dashboard to capture geo-location data, a profile of the most popular offers, and related social networking information to craft future campaigns.  And, as Mayer Hawthorne embarks on a two-month, US tour, Topspin will be timing the delivery of streaming media clips to interested fans.

This is all part of a broader ‘Topspin for Brands’ platform that also involves artists like Trace Adkins (sponsored by BC Powder) and Paul McCartney (American Express).  Now, the challenge for Topspin is to dazzle bigger-name brands with its platform, another catalyst for a fast-growing area.