The Top 9 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Downloads

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Why don’t people pay for downloads?

And, why are a-la-carte downloads now dropping in the US?  At Digital Music Forum West in Los Angeles on Wednesday, NPD Group analyst Russ Crupnick offered these 9 reasons during a data presentation:

(1) Listen to AM/FM instead

(2) Prefer to own the physical CD

(3) Spending less on entertainment

(4) Do not listen to music on computer

(5) Satisfied with collection

(6) Don’t spend as much time  listening to music

(7) Don’t have a PDMP [portable digital music player]

(8) Don’t feel comfortable putting credit card online

(9) Not good value, spyware/viruses, too expensive, no time to learn about new music.

And what about the all-important free download, available everywhere?  Crupnick also noted that among the younger, 13-25 set, factors like the cost-value proposition, “mobile music distractions” and access to shared music files rank higher than the rest of the population.