Who’s Out at Warner Bros. Records

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Same story, different label.

And in the case of Warner Bros. Records, it looks like shake-ups have their aftershocks, according to details emerging over the weekend.

The WMG unit is trying to maintain a low profile, though Variety has pointed to the release of several top-level executives.  That includes Senior VP of Digital Music Jack Isquith (pictured), Senior VPs of A&R Kevin Williamson and Perry Watts-Russell, VP of Promotions Franco Iemmello, VP of Urban A&R Naim Ali, VP of Video Promotion Wendy Griffith, VP of Marketing Andrea Kinloch, Senior VP of Marketing Rob Gordon, and Senior VP of Promotion Tom Biery.

Separately, Billboard pointed to the exit of Gordon, citing confirmation from the label itself.  In total, one knowledgeable Warner source pointed Digital Music News to a reduction “well into the teens,” though “probably not more than 20.”

All of that follows the bombshell departure of Tom Whalley, chairman and CEO of the label for nearly ten years.