Victory’s Brummel: “Maybe You Should Start Digital Piracy News…”

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On Monday, we wrote this one-liner about a recent anti-piracy post featuring Gilbert Gottfried, financed by Victory Records.

“Victory Records is pushing a very abrasive – and questionable – anti-piracy campaign featuring Gilbert Gottfried.”

On Tuesday morning, we received this email response from Victory head Tony Brummel.

Nice jab this morning. The Gottfried piece is somewhat tongue in cheek (and was complete improv) but with an underlying and very important message. If we are training the consumers, young and old, that theft of intellectual property is alright- than we are doomed on much bigger issues (as it allows people to justify other types of illegal behavior). Just because you can do it does not make it right. So, if you are advocating piracy or supporting it by criticizing us than maybe you should start: DIGITAL PIRACY NEWS. If there was no music industry your newsletter would not exist.

The bottom line is, when you are an innovator in the music industry, you are a target. Now, that Paul – is a caveman’s perspective on a company that is pushing the envelope via the Internet and other digital methods to garner exposure for our artists.”