Also:, Cheryl Cole, Acc[h]ord, Zune, Jammie Thomas, Ustream, Overachieving Music Apps

  • Save has now shuttered three of its subscription-only radio stations, based on licensing run-ins.

All three stations appear to offer a bit too much interactivity, more details here.

British artist Cheryl Cole and Polydor are now asking passersby to check into a billboard using Facebook Places.  More details here.

Hey music lawyers and aspiring music lawyers, here’s a CLE program and panel discussion in New York you might want to check out.  “Reaching Acc[h]ord: Resolving Disputes Over Music Downloading” happens at St. John’s University School of Law on October 29th in Jamaica, Queens, from 9-3.  More here.

Microsoft has just launched a $150 annual Zune Pass to coincide with its Windows Phone 7 launch (effective in the US, UK, Spain, Italy, France).

Jammie Thomas-Rasset and the RIAA are careening towards their third trial – that’s right – on November 1st, after a judge denied a motion by Thomas for reconsideration on Constitutionality grounds.

Ustream will soon allow users to create pay-per-view and ad-free broadcasts.

Music is the second-ranked app category on the iPad and iPhone, according to Nielsen.  News barely claimed the top slot.

Wrap by Alexandra Osorio, compiled while listening to Royksopp.