Most Consumers Still Unaware, Disinterested In Streaming Services

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Let’s step away from the industry bubble for a second, shall we?

Because a recently-released report by Nielsen shows that most consumers are either unaware or disinterested in audio streaming services, whether paid or free.  In fact, amongst all age groups and across both genders, a minority expressed both awareness and interest (and that doesn’t count actual usage or subscription commitments).

In fact, outside of twenty-somethings, more than 30 percent of consumers were unaware that these services even existed.  And, this was a global canvass, so the list spans everything from Rhapsody, Spotify, we7, Deezer, and Grooveshark.

Actually, that can be viewed as fertile ground, and a juicy awareness challenge.  But more worrying is that in every age group under 50, more consumers expressed an awareness of these services – but also a complete disinterest in jumping on board.  That result frequently poked past 40 percent.