Facebook Artist Pages, Brought to You by… MySpace?

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And the plot thickens once again!

As part of its ongoing handshake with Facebook, MySpace is now offering a tool to easily translate MySpace Music pages into Facebook Pages and tabs. And once transferred, a change on MySpace Music replicates onto Facebook, good news for those struggling to maintain their molding MySpace pages.  Or, simply deciding what to do with them.

The newly-launched MySpace Music Artist App manages the translation and ongoing content updates. That includes everything, including songs, videos, photos, events and blogs.  “Our goal is to give artists the best social web tools to manage their digital presence, connect with fans and grow their audience,” said Mike Jones, MySpace CEO (perfect name, right?)

So, who needs this, anyway?  After all, a large number of bands have already established Facebook Pages – either through native Facebook tools or an app like RootMusic.  But MySpace estimates that it still has 14 million artist pages, and some portion of those are active and trying to expand.  That makes this a useful move for those feeling stuck.

But make no mistake: MySpace is no altruist here.  If the plan works, artists will be twiddling their Facebook knobs from MySpace, not Facebook.