RIAA President Cary Sherman Made $3.2 Million In 2009…

That’s according to non-profit financial filings with the IRS, shared with Digital Music News this weekend. In year 2009 – the latest available – RIAA president Cary Sherman pulled down a lofty $3,164,591 in compensation, plus another $20,000 in unspecified extras.  He was listed as working 50 hours a week (complete filing here).

That easily topped the compensation for Mitch Bainwol – listed as CEO and Director – who grabbed $1.62 million in total compensation for the year.


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But that’s not all.  Overall, the RIAA is paying $16.2 million in ‘salaries, other compensation, and employee benefits’ for 2009.  And, others are making very comfy salaries.  These are the other top compensation packages at the organization for 2009, from the same filing.  (We’re not sure why the filing lag exists, though these documents were first submitted to the IRS on February 11, 2011.)


Neil Turkewitz (EVP, Int’l), $684,604

Mitch Glazier (EVP, Gov’t & Industry Relations), $573,701

Steven Marks (EVP & General Counsel), $570,466

Brad Buckles (EVP, Anti-Piracy), $457, 025

Michele Ballantyne (SVP, Fed. Gov’t Relations), $388,893

Deborah Moore (CFO), $313,822

David Hughes (SVP, Technology), $300,897

Jennifer Pariser (SVP Litigation), $294,231

Jonathan Lamy (SVP, Communications), $291,575

Victoria Sheckler (Deputy, General Counsel), $226,662




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