This Hacking Thing Seems a Little Out of Control

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This sort of seems like the Wilder West, and it could totally change the way companies and consumers interact with the web.

Because if someone hates your company, hates your size, or just wants to expose a security flaw, then your sites and systems are vulnerable. And, it now seems like lots of companies are not only vulnerable, but getting attacked by groups that can’t be tracked or effectively prosecuted.

Sony’s nightmare is far from over, yet hacking targets seem to be proliferating. Over the weekend, the latest victim was Nintendo, though the early report is that the compromise was modest. “There were no third-party victims,” Nintendo offered in a statement.

The specific target was a US-based Nintendo site, one that apparently does not house customer data. This appears to be the handiwork for LulzSec, a hack-for-sport consortium that also claimed some responsibility for the recent Sony crack and the compromise of  That comes alongside recent hacks of Infragard Atlanta and security firm Unveillance, with LulzSec also claming responsibility.

All of which raises the question of whether any site is safe – and, on a personal level, whether any individual information or credit card data is truly secure.  Certainly a scary thought, because the answer is basically… ‘no’.