Last Week In Review

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*US-based vinyl revenues have grown 455% over the past five years, according to estimates obtained by the RIAA.

Still, the overall percentage of recording revenues remains small.  Oh, and cassettes? So far, there’s no comeback in sight.

*It was a monster week for Apple. The company unveiled its iCloud, as well as a fully-licensed iTunes Match feature.  Oh, and the iTunes Store now boasts 15 billion downloads.

*Citigroup is turning the wheels on its EMI Music dump-off.  Just like the Warner Music Group sales process, a few billionaire consortia appear to be circling.

*Lady Gaga album sales plunged 84 percent in week two, at least in the US.

*Eventbrite is now developing an iPad-based, at-the-door ticketing system.  Separately, a Central Park gig featuring the Black Eyed Peas – one ticketed by Eventbrite – was rained out.

*File-sharing is actually surging, according to stats released by Cisco.  But then again, so is everything else, and on-demand video is in the passing lane.

*Who’s monetizing music the best these days, at least online? Check out our latest ‘state of music monetization’ rundown, here.

*What do fans really want when they fund a band? One manager raised $10,000 on Kickstarter, and learned some interesting lessons.

*eMusic has been struggling with flat subscriber growth since 2007, according to stats unearthed by Digital Music News.  But eMusic pointed to greater uptake in higher-tier plans, and a recent 22 percent gain in revenue per user (ARPU).

*And, Spotify successfully licensed Universal Music Group, another step towards a stateside launch.  Warner Music hangs in the balance.